Senior Product Designer
based in Belgrade currently
designing non-financial
services for Tinkoff Bank
2022 – till now
Senior product designer at Tinkoff Bank
2021 – 2022
Senior product designer at Domclick
2020 – 2021
Product designer at MTS Bank
2019 – 2020
Product designer at Modulbank
2018 – 2019
Self-employed Designer
I am an experienced product designer passionate about finding solutions. I create complex interface systems.
I am good at UX, UI, wireframing, prototyping and usability testing. I work with both web and mobile apps
– Start with problem defining
– Make products, not features
– Keep it simple and intuitive
Tinkoff Bank
Cashback & Rewards
MTS Bank
Transfers, payments, cashback
Bank guarantees, POS terminal
Challenges and experiments
Apartments search and buying