Bank guarantees, POS terminal
Product Designer
Web, Android
I have simplified POS terminal and its dashboard interfaces, made it easier for users to leave feedback.
I have started by analyzing existing interfaces, conducted hallway and quantitative tests. I have made a list of hypotheses, prepared prototypes and conducted qualitative research using such services as Useberry and Preely. I’ve also collected necessary analytics via Mixpanel.
The next step after collecting all the data was to make improvements to user flows, get rid of redundant content, reduce the number of steps needed to apply for a bank guarantee. I have added a slider with relevant offers and a feature that helps to take a loan. These changes helped to meet both users and business’ requirements.
Modulbank is a digital native bank for small and medium-sized enterprises. It has repeatedly occupied top ranking positions of internet banks and bank apps according to Markswebb Rank & Report.
As a product designer, I had challenges to improve bank guarantees on a personal account page, Modulkassa POS terminal, Modulkassa on a personal account page, contribute to a design-system.
Both business and users’ requirements were satisfied due to overall improvements which also led to a bigger amount of gained revenue and improved CSI. Therefore, my contribution to a design-system made it easier to make design changes and it also boosted development.