MTS Bank
Transfers, payments, cashback
Product Designer
iOS, Android
MTS Bank is a commercial digital bank. It is Russia’s Top-10 for everyday banking according to Markswebb Rank & Report.
The first project was money transfers. The main problem was an unoptimized user flow that consisted of different outdated design versions.
Also, I worked with non-financial services. The first one was "My cashback" which helps users to gain cashback for different purchases.
I have conducted studies that proved user flow to be complicated due to containing lots of unnecessary information. It was hard for users to reach their goals effectively and some of them were not able to finish the flow. Based on gained information,
I have redesigned and improved user flows, got rid of the unnecessary information and reduced the number of steps from 5 to 3.
I have added new ways of cashback utilization, such as mobile phones top-up, redeem for goods. I have also added gamification and goal setting.
The other non-financial service I worked on was a gamification service for our partner which is a cybersport organization. It is supposed to be an independent part of the app with a user profile, achievements, news, merchandise, and cobranded bank products.
Although the project was very promising due to studies and surveys, it remained
to be a concept because of a change in company's priorities.
Additionally, I made it easier to make new templates and autopay for public services, phone, internet, TV charges and so on.
Due to the changes I have made in money transfers, users found it more convenient, DAU has risen, which increased revenue of the bank and our team achieved KPIs.
New ways of cashback redeem also helped to engage new partners, users and it also led to increasing retention rate.
Experience and expertise I gained from working with a bunch of complex products allowed me to work as a Lead product designer mentoring Junior and Middle designers, giving them feedback and improving bank's design system.
The goals were to enhance money transfers, service payments, cashback, templates and autopay flows. To contribute to a design-system and make a gamification for our partner.