Apartments search and buying
Product Designer
iOS, Android
Domclick is an online service for real estate search, buying, selling, and leasing.
Takes 1st place in Russia for the number of offers.
I added a couple of features that help to book an apartment and apply for a mortgage right in the app and get a preliminary mortgage approval within minutes.
The main problem was that web part was fine and the app was underdeveloped. "New building", "apartment", "layout" pages had poor content and it was not enough for users to make a purchase decision. That was the reason they left the app and visited developers’ websites or competitors apps so as to get additional information.
Besides, I contributed to a backlog with improvements, designed a bunch of them. Among these were apartment price dynamics, 3-D tours, a possibility to leave feedback via CSI widget. I helped other teams designing great services like apartment searching using AR technology.
As I mentioned above, the goal was to add the necessary content to the app, improve user flows and contribute to a backlog for future improvements.
I got acquainted with analytics and understood that the service had low retention rate. Together with a product manager I have made a list of hypotheses, conducted competitor analysis and user surveys. It helped to understand that users lack information about new buildings, apartments, infrastructure, promotions and discounts, and possibility to apply for a mortgage.
Based on the received data, I improved user flows, design, added crucial information to the "new building", "apartment" and "layout" pages. I made a search structure which helped users to find apartments with specific parameters in the most convenient way.
My improvements helped to increase the number of sold apartments, improve retention rate and CSI. Mortgage conversion rate was also increased. The users gave positive feedback about the changes.
The backlog I contributed to made it easier to make further improvements.
As a product designer, I was in charge of improving flows of searching and buying apartments in new buildings.